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Kurt Couper

Punishment 1/? (Hermione/Snape, NC-17)

Title: Punishment
Author: KurtCouper
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Hermione/Severus, Draco/Blaise/Hermione
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine
Summary: Hermione has detention and she catches Professor Snape in an act that she can't deny. Basically a smutfic.

Chapter 1
Hermione Granger studied him from the back of the room, where her chair sat. It was tricky to be discreet when one was burning someone's imagine into one's mind. Her gaze was heavy, taking in all the detail she could. The fine lines around his face. His thick lips that were permanently settled into a smirk. Dark, black eyes that she could lose herself in if she stared too hard. Silky strands covering his gorgeous face. The lean form of him drenched in robes that were completely unflattering of his muscled body that she knew he had hidden. His confident stance with his arms tucked underneath each other, glowering at those beneath him.

He was beautiful, though many didn't think so. But Severus Snape had a distinguished appeal that made her body respond. It wasn't all just physical though; his intelligence drew her in, making her yearn for the knowledge he held. Hermione Granger was nothing but curious and she was incredibly interested in Professor Snape; mentally, bodily, spiritually.

She loved how he made her blood boil; no one else had such effect on her. Sure, others made her annoyed, angry, or irritated, but none could create heated passion inside of her, or better yet, between her legs. By the time they were in mid-argument, she would be breathing heavily and rubbing her thighs together, craving something that he couldn't-wouldn't-give her. She was just his know-it-all student and he was her teacher; their relationship was forbidden. Yet deliciously erotic. He was the illegal substance that she craved in her veins. In her system.

With a deep sigh, Hermione continued to watch him. He was over looking some potion that Malfoy and Zabini were brewing. His features were hard, yet she knew that underneath, he was soft. Snape nodded quickly and went onto the next cauldron.

Advanced Potions was the equivalent to an advanced placement course in Muggle high school. Double the homework and class work and dreadfully ten times more difficult. Though she didn't mind. She was always up for a challenge, which is why she fell in lust with Severus in the first place.

"Miss Granger," he drawled, his voice sounding like velvet that she wouldn't mind draping herself in.

"Yes Professor?" she asked feigning innocence.

His eyebrow rose, but she just replied with a smile which completely unnerved him. He stirred the potion with his finger and then brought it up to his mouth. His tongue caressed the pad of it, and then slowly encased the finger with his lips. Tasting her mixture, he narrowed his eyes.

"Too much rosemary seed," his voice was disgusted and annoyed. "Ten points from Gryffindor and a detention for Miss Granger," he sneered and then turned to the next review.

The Slytherins snickered, but she retaliated by flipping them the bird behind the Professor's back. That scene he displayed was incredibly erotic and made an inferno settle itself in the pit of her stomach. A pleased grin tugged at her lips as she realized she had a detention. Surely she should be upset and cruel and be yelling at him. But she saved all of her emotions up for after class, when she would discuss this with him.

The hour ended which signaled dinner and all of the people left the room. Hermione was the last one to clean her cauldron and put all of her supplies up, leaving her alone with the object she desired.

She was picking up a book that fell against the floor when she heard his voice at her ear.

"Miss Granger." She felt the brush of air hit the side of her exposed neck and she shivered. "About your detention..."

Quickly turning around, she folded her arms across her chest, showing him that she was less than amused.

"Which, if I must say, is completely unfair. That being said, Sir, I would like to know your reason for punishing me," she demanded, forceful tones laced with smoothness that most weren’t aware she held.

"I assure you that I do nothing without purpose, Miss Granger," he smirked, his eyes darkening. "But if you insist, I am discipline you for your lack of regard to the finer details which could, in the future, demolish a more sensitive potion."

Fire was burning within her, but she nodded just the same. The flames were anything but anger, more like arousal from the close proximity of his alluring presence. Letting out a deep breath to calm herself, she grabbed the rest of her things and faced him.

"As you say, Sir."

Before she walked out of the door, he caught her with his voice.

"After dinner, I want you here," was all he said and she shivered again.

He wanted her. Though it was out of context, he said it all the same. Another smile came to her lips as she walked out of his class and on towards her rooms-she had to get ready for detention.

The nerves in the bottom of her stomach could not handle food, so instead, she took a bath. Supper was normally an hour or so long, so she had enough time to enjoy a nice soak.

"Mmm. What scent to choose today?" she asked herself, looking over the bath salts. Picking a given favorite, she poured it into the hot bath and slowly relaxed herself into the water.

The smell of cinnamon and vanilla hit her nostrils as the water appeased her taut muscles. But it didn't calm her sexual drive, as she wished it would. All she could remember was the way he said her name. Miss Granger... His air was sultry and he spoke the words as if they were a prayer upon his thick lips. If he would only say her first name; if only she could hear that, she was sure she'd orgasm at the first sign of it.

"Oh Severus," she whispered as the spicy scent embraced her skin, making it tingle with delight.

Her whole body was vibrating with need as she thought back to the class room. His body looming over her, breathing on the back of her neck.

Her hands began to taunt her nipples that were turning to pebbles beneath her ministrations. Dipping her fingers further, she teased her bare flesh, pretending it was whom she preferred, touching her, making her melt underneath his experienced hands.

And she closed her eyes, envisioning Severus kissing her neck and that sensitive spot right in the juncture of her collar bone.

Two fingers entered her easily as she was already stirred. They weren't enough to fill her up; not like he could. So she added another and quickly pumped them harder and faster inside of her, envisioning the black haired man over her sex, running his tongue against her nether lips. With her absent hand, she desperately kneaded her bundle of nerves. She was so close; she could feel her muscles tighten in anticipation.

With one last vision of Severus on top of her, plunging his thick shaft into her, her muscles clenched against her fingers. Sinking her body deep into the water, she let out a deep moan from the back of her throat. Her orgasm quaked her body and she waited a few moments to come off her high.

Coming back up to the surface, she took a gasping breath and settled back against the tub. Normally she would be satisfied, but this time, she only desired for more. A content grin bit at her features. She had the perfect idea of to how she would get her wants.

Hermione stepped out of the tub and dried off. Never before would she think detention would be so rewarding, but things have changed. She had changed. She was, too, a sexual being, even though the rumors suggested against it. The brunette was not asexually and she enjoyed sex just as much as the next person, though she was sure she'd enjoy it even more with a certain Professor.

Dinner was coming close to an end, so she casted a quick drying spell on her hair and decided to pick out some clothes. Pleased with her choices, she slipped them on and looked in the mirror.

"Very pretty," the mirror spit out, even though Hermione could tell it was forced. Inanimate objects seemed to dislike her.

Gliding on some red lip gloss and popping in a mint into her mouth, she exited her bedroom and went back to the dungeons.

After she smoothed out her skirt in a nervous gesture, she unbuttoned the two top buttons of her blouse and knocked on the door.

"Come in," was the silky reply.

Snape gawked inwardly at her as she strolled in. She was wearing a pleated schoolgirl skirt that hit mid thigh and a white collard blouse that let a very nice view of cleavage escape. On her legs she wore black tights that ended at garters around the tips of her thighs, hidden to his view. Overall she looked chaste, yet tainted at the same time. Her curves were delicately shown in her outfit, making him hold back a growl. Really, she was just in her school uniform, but without the robes, though a little shorter and a little more bare. Whatever the effect she wanted to achieve, she accomplished her goal.

"I see you arrived early, Miss Granger," he spoke, trying to ignore her fetching appearance.

"Punctuality is one of the best qualities, Professor," her words were soft, but she still held a smirk as if almost mocking him. "Anyway, I was wondering where you wanted me."

She saw many emotions flicker across his face making her insides liquefy, but he settled with a pitiless mask.

"I want you to clean my room for me," he started and simpered at the rising of her wand. "Accio wand." He placed it against his desk and fully enjoyed the shocked expression. "Oh I'm sorry Miss Granger. Did I forget to tell you that I wanted it the Muggle way?"

She glared at him and scowled when he produced a wash bucket and a hand brush. His eyes were full of laughter and she determinately set her mind to do the best damned cleaning job she could.

"As you wish, Sir," she said as she soaked the brush in the warm, soapy water.

He casted the levitating spell on the desks and chairs, so she could work without stopping.

"How kind of you," she grounded out through clenched teeth and turned back around, missing his small grin.

Getting on her knees, she started to scrub the stone floor. Hermione had to balance her weight with one hand, since the other was working furiously on cleaning. With her arse sticking up in the air, Severus got a good view of the garters on her thighs, then the smooth, peach colored skin, and even a hint of the green lace that he assumed was her knickers. Her movement of her arm moving back and forth, had her whole body copying it, bouncing on her knees.

He groaned; the rumble positioned deep in his chest. His manhood was reacting to her in ways it shouldn't. But he hadn't had a woman in so long... And she was there, causing all sorts of things that she didn't know about. The hardness in his pants was wrong and illegal, but those facts didn't help hinder it. In fact, it made more blood settle at his south side, throbbing away, for he was all about indecent things. He was a Deatheater for many years, vulgarity and crudeness ran deep within him.

Hermione sighed as she found a deep black stain on the floor that she couldn't get out. Sitting back further on her knees, she scrubbed the stones with all her might, resulting in her amble bosom knocking together. She couldn't believe that insufferable git, forcing her on her hands and knees to clean a bloody floor. She wasn't saying she was better than that, but that was dirty work and she didn't even deserve the damned detention in the first place!

"Right there," she heard him mutter.

"Pardon me, Professor?" she found herself asking, turning around to glance at him.

His features were undecided, yet murky, and his cheeks had a bit of color in them. His eyes found hers and widened.

"That spot," he stumbled, flustered. "Mr. Longbottom attempted another suicide with hibiscus and malick root," his words become more precise and rigid.

"Which are some of the most hostile ingredients," she mused, figuring he blew up another cauldron.

"Exactly," he sneered. "Now get back to work," his voice roared and she didn't dare disagree.

He let out a breath that he didn't know he was holding when she turned around. It wouldn't be good if she figured out what exactly he was doing. Brining back his attention to the matters at hand, he wrapped his calloused fingers around his harden, uncovered member. Severus had to be more careful if he wanted to continue wanking off without her knowledge.

Hermione was back to her cleaning, her body still swaying back and forth, exposing much of her green lace covered arse. Her pale globes were making his mouth water. He wanted to mar each cheek with bruises and bites and cherry them with his hand. Show her exactly who she belonged to. He bit back a groan as he started to pump his fist harder, imagining all the things he could do to her.

Severus had never done this before. He'd never thought about a student while bringing himself to release. Nor had he ever touch a student in an inappropriate way. But, in reality, he'd never really touched a student. The only contact he approved of was during sex and even then it was to a minimum on him.

Shaking his head, he continued his actions, slowly teasing himself with the pads of his fingers.

Low, guttural noises were making their way to Hermione's ear. The barely audible sounds were plummeting to her core. She licked in lips in eagerness as she turned her head and what she saw shocked her.

She didn't know what to expect, but it was certainly not to this caliber. His eyes were clenched and his lips were parted where the groans were escaping. Ecstasy was written all over his face and she could just imagine what was going on. Crawling over silently, she stared at her Professor.

He was big, quite larger than any other man's she has seen, and not even by length, but by girth also. His hand was working on the base of his shaft, tightly encasing it. He was jerking in his palm. The head was leaking precome, glistening lusciously from his slit. Her mouth watered as she saw the excretion go untouched.

With quick movements, she moved her mouth over the head and covered it.

His eyes stayed closed until he felt her moist tongue sweep away at the tip. Then he opened them up in horror.

Her gaze was downcast, busily rapt with her duty at hand. But soon, she met his stare and smiled around him, taking her further into her mouth.

"Mis-Miss Granger," he sputtered, already trying to get away from her grasps. But she kept him still by clawing her fingers into his thighs.

"Call me Hermione," she said, pulling him out of her mouth. He let out a disappointed sound, but it was quickly forgotten as she licked the underside of his length, placing open mouth kisses here and there.

She replaced her hand to his shaft and thrusted her palm against him. Her tongue swirled around his balls, while her empty hand softly caressed the other ball, earning rich growls.

"You're the biggest I've ever seen," she admitted, bringing her mouth back on top of him

Passion seated itself deep within his loins as his hooded eyes gazed down at her. The little know-it-all was taking him all in, her tongue winding around the underside of his tip. It was all too much. Feeling her damp mouth around him; seeing her lips tight around him, filling her up to the edge; hearing her soft whimpers vibrate around him.

"Yesss," he grunted, intertwining his fingers with her wavy, auburn hair.

She took him in until his pubic hair roughened her lips. Relaxing her throat, he began to thrust into her, gently enough so as not to hurt her.

His ball sac tightened and he knew he wouldn't last any longer. His shaft constricted as she sucked on him harder. Knowing he was about done, she inserted her tongue in his slit. The invasion was not unwelcome and he threw his head back.

"Hermione," he roared, sending spurts of his essence down her throat.

Upon hearing her name, she quickly rose from the floor and took his lips with hers. He could taste his release on her tongue and he moaned. Pushing her off of him, he slammed her into the wall.

"You don't know what you're missing with, Miss Granger," he spat, pressing his fingers into her arms, to keep her there. She was sure she'd have damage tomorrow. Good, she inwardly grinned.

He lowered his lips to her neck and lavished the sensitive skin there. She was very responsive; he smirked to himself as she whimpered helplessly against the wall. One hand still holding her up, he took the other and worried her clothed nipples.

She caught him off guard and flipped him against the wall. Imposing herself on him, she ripped away his robes. A surprised and partially nude Severus was left in the wake and she kissed him again, sliding her tongue into his, fighting for dominance with him.

"I know exactly what I'm messing with, Severus," she grinned saucily and sunk her head down to his chest.

His body rippled underneath her fingers. Twirling her tongue around his pink nub, she bit the vulnerable skin there. He snarled and took control again, pinning her harshly against the stones.

"So bloody hot," he mouthed against the velvety skin of her chest.

Buttons flew everywhere as he took two handfuls of her blouse and tore them to shreds. He nuzzled his lips against her neck, while his hands snuck to behind her back and unclasped her bra. She was left topless and exposed for him; a blush found its way up her cheeks.

"Beautiful," he insisted, trailing kisses down to her dusty pink of her nipple.

She moaned around his tongue. His teeth scraped against the hypersensitive pebble making her cry out.

"Want you," she moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck to balance herself and then crossed her ankles at his lower waist.

Her hips grinded against his, longing for friction. She was rewarded with hardness positioned at her core. He covered her throaty groan with his mouth, nipping at her bottom lips. His hands slipped up her skirt and clutched each globe of her arse hard enough to cause bruises and carried her over to the desk.

With a swift hand movement, he cleared off his desk, everything hitting the ground with a thud, and set her down. Her legs were bent and opened, showing off her green lace low ride knickers. With her eyes glazed with pleasure, she reached for his trousers and pushed them down. His thin fingers hooked underneath her knickers and slowly slipped them off. Her breath caught in the back of her throat as his fingers brushed against her mound.

He brought her body to the edge of the desk and held each thigh in his hands.

"You certain?" he asked, flipping up her skirt and licked his dry lips at her shaven quim.

Serverus's tongue trailed up her seeping slit, savoring her flavor on his pallet.

"Yes," she hissed, crossing her ankles around his waist, pulling him closer to her.

His nose hit her clit while he continued to slurp her essence causing her to growl. Hermione ran her fingers through his raven strands, not at all stunned at how soft they were. Out of instinct, she pushed his head further down.

"Now fuck me," she declared, bringing his wet lips up to hers.

He unraveled her with one thrust, using her legs as leverage to get himself closer to her center. Severus pounded mercilessly into her and she enjoyed every minute of it. Severus filled her like no one else; with each plunged, he made her muscles stretch and hit her g-spot in such a way that she was constantly trembling.

"Harder," she called, her eyes closed in rapture and her swollen lips partly separated.

Severus seized a bouncing tit into his mouth and worked it between his teeth. His pounding was so intense and powerful that her arse was receiving wood burn. Hermione took a hold of the edges of his desk to keep her still and give her control to meet each thrust with full might.

"Sweet deity of Venus," he groaned after she ran her fingernails down his back. A track of welts and traces of blood lined his pale skin.

She snickered and clamped down her muscles on his manhood. He breathed through compressed teeth making a hissing noise.

Narrowing his eyes, he captured a scrap of spicy flesh with his teeth and gently bit it. The brunette whimpered and forced him with her feet closer to her center. Her reaction pleased him, so he punctured the mellifluous skin of her collar bone. Blood entered his mouth and he was scared he went too far. Instead of pushing him off of her, she threw her head back and tightened her muscles around him again.

"So close," Hermione panted, her breathing becoming shallow.

He ran his tongue up her torso and tilted her up, so he was able to claw his fingers at her arse. He used this to drive into her violently. The sounds of slapping flesh could be heard in the room, almost drowning out their moans.

With one last tweak of her bundles of nerves, she spasmed underneath him.

"Severus," she cried out from the back of her throat, her body arching off the table.

Her inner muscles constricted around him, throwing him into his own orgasm. His body tightened as he spilled his seed deep down in her. She clutched her arms around him, his fingernails biting into his skin, until she came down from her high.

"Oh Merlin," Hermione whispered, trying to force her breathing to normal.

Sex had never brought her this much pleasure before. It hurt to move, but in a delightful way. So alternately, she rested against the desk, spent. Hermione was sure she'd never look at the mahogany table the same ever again.

Severus smirked; pleased to know he had finally found a way to shut up the Head Girl. But it was soon wiped off of his features when he realized what he did. Consequences would have to be set for the crime they just committed. But for the first time in his life, he didn't care. He did, after all, get off on depraved and immoral affairs.

Hermione pulled her back off the table and sat up. Her muscles tried to refuse, but she ignored them.
"I've wanted to do that for years," she confessed, reaching a finger between her legs and catching their intermingled release. She lapped up their sticky essence, groaning as the taste hit her tongue.

His eyes darkened with arousal as he stared at the scene. And he was also inwardly stunned that she had wanted to fuck him. Had thoughts and dreams of fucking him. A suggestive leer tugged at his lips.

"Really, Miss Granger?" he asked, sweeping his tongue over his lips.

To be truthful, he was impressed with her...talents and capability. He was truly taken back when he realized that she liked it aggressive and fierce. She had seemed to get off when he manhandled her. It was like a dream come true.

"Oh yes, Professor. I've dreamed of you every night. When I heard I was Head Girl, the first thing I thought of was my private rooms and what naughty things I could do in them," she smiled, lightly treading her finger up and down his bare chest. "There wasn't a time I masturbated without your name upon my lips."

Severus had had enough and attacked her mumbling lips with his. He swept her up into a bruising kiss, exploring her mouth and her body.

"I have to say, Miss Granger, that you have surprised me."

She flashed him a grin and pulled him closer by his hips.

"Why don't you take me to your bedroom and I'll show you just how surprising I can be," she suggested, badly attempting to keep her voice steady and calm.

She was laying herself on the line and they both knew it. He could reject and ridicule her; punish the small girl for having wicked sexual feelings that she couldn't control. Or he could embrace her wanton proposal, get lost with her in reckless abandon and possibly form a very erotic involvement that could lead to all types of decadent and wonderful events.

The decision wasn't hard to make.

"I'm sure you'll find my rooms quite fascinating, Miss Granger," he purred, taking her small hand in his and helping her off the desk. Severus could tell she was keeping back a smile.

She picked up the remnants of her clothing, giving him a nice view of her bare, yet bruised arse, and turned to him. With her disheveled hair to one side, he could clearly see his bite on her collar. Pride filled him as he gazed at his mark, at his possession. Whether she knew it or not, she was his and he'd prove that fact to her over and over again. Her skirt was hanging askew and her tights had a few runs in them. Her pert breasts down to the tops of her thighs held discolorations that he produced. She looked thoroughly, and deliciously, shagged.

"And why would I find your rooms fascinating, Professor?" she asked in mock innocence.

Swathing his hand around her hip, he pulled her close to his body. Her curves filled his negative, fitting him perfectly. Calloused finger tickled her heated flesh causing her to shiver.

"You'll see, Miss Granger. You'll see," he chuckled darkly.

She swallowed nervously, but, nevertheless, excitedly. Hermione couldn’t wait to see what the Potion’s Professor and former Deatheater had in store for her.

Chatper 2
Hermione fell asleep in his chambers, curled up next to his firm body, spent. The night had been exhausting, to say the least, and they both had classes in the morning. The things he had done to her... Well, she didn't think she'd stop blushing. She didn't exactly know what made her cheeks flush-if it was the chagrin of him knowing how she liked sex or the things he had done to her when he found it.

When she had lost her virginity, three years earlier to Victor Krum, it had been highly disappointing. She expected sparks and electricity erupting from their touches and heated passion and explosive, likely volatile, multiple orgasms. What she had gotten was a couple tweaks of her right nipple, a few thrusts, and him spurting inside of her, cross eyed and sweating.

Hermione did not experience an orgasm that night. Nor had she with any other sexual encounter she had with the school boys, not like there had been many. She had mindlessly fooled around with the current Head Boy of that year and another seventh year, but nothing prospered. Frustrated beyond to believe, she gave up, sure that she'd never find what she was searching for.

It took the summer of her sixth year, meeting a graduating college student back home, where she found what she didn't know what she was looking for. It didn't fulfill her needs up to the brim, but she became satisfied for she knew sex wasn't a lost cause.

They had become friends, both shamelessly attracted to each other. He looked like a small protégée of Severus, which was maybe-definitely-why she found Shane so striking. Dark, aristocratic features, sarcastic by nature, and extremely educated in both book and street smarts. Further into her vacation, she observed that the teasing in Shane's eyes when he audaciously flirted with her was replaced with something else; something she could only describe, in her inexperienced disposition, as unrefined lust. But every time he tried to advance her, she'd back away, saying that sex wasn't enjoyable enough to lose their friendship over.

She finally gave in to his lips, knowing in the back of her head that it was going to be just as inadequate as the fools before. But she was wrong, dead ass wrong. He took her against a brick wall, her naked back scraping against the rough surface in such a way that it left welts.

That was when she realized, that it wasn't the other boy's fault that they couldn't create heated fervor in between her legs. She just didn't react to their sweet vanilla kisses.

After her time with Shane, leaving him with bruised lips and a smile, she came back for her sixth year with new knowledge outside of the classroom. She also came back with fresh itches needing to be scratched. But Hermione soon found that physical sex was looked upon as masochistic and sadistic upon the other houses, except for the Slytherins who would undoubtedly laugh at her if she asked to be manhandled.

So she kept her thirsts unquenched, leaving her irritated and edgy. She even idly played with the idea of creating a boy to just please her in violent ways. But she couldn't find anything on how to make the creature dominant. Damn her for being the submissive type!

When summer came, she welcomed it with open arms. After a few throws with an engaged Shane, smirking haughtily on the supposed hold he had on her, she became less cranky. Hermione kept to herself that he had no "hold" whatsoever. Sure he was attractive and settled a strong desire that no one could wet, but that wasn't why she came back to him. She came back because she was horny and he was all she had.

Coming back to Hogwarts to finish her schooling, she tried to control her needs and wants. But Snape had been there, all dark and seductive. And then last night when he was pleasuring himself... And his cock was just begging to be sucked...

She groaned and separated herself from the man beside her. It was six o'clock and breakfast would be soon and it would not be good to be seen coming from Professor Snape's bedrooms, clothes all a muss and walking funny.

Shivering from the cool air that hit her body, she decided to take a shower. Release was caked over the expansion of her skin, his scent blending with hers until there wasn't any distinction between the two. She didn't want to wash his scent off of her; the brunette wanted to keep the evidence there to show who she belonged to, but the option wasn't possible. What they did between the sheets, and his desk, the wall, the ground, and those shackles in the corner, had to be kept secret. Hermione could never handle it if she got him fired because of her.

"Severus," she found herself whispering as the hot water pounded her wonderfully abused body.

Merlin, she knew she shouldn't be thinking of their wonderful sex that had happened so many times the night before. It would only get her more worked up.

Quickly washing herself off, she dressed in some transfigured robes.

She came back to his bed; Snape looked so peaceful when resting. His face was empty of his tempting smirks and harsh lines, leaving him to seem calm and-dare she say-innocent. Hermione trailed her soft fingers down his jaw to his adam's apple and further to the morning errection that was forming beneath her palm.

He was still lying in the bed; a sheet draped against the bottom half of his body. She straddled his bottom legs, enough so she was clearly on top of his member.

"Oh Hermione," he murmured against the bedding, his tongue sweeping the edge of his lips.

"Good morning, Severus," she smiled and ran her finger over the bead of pre-come that formed.

He gave a guttural moan as she wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft, her thumb massaging his velvet skin.

"Yes," he hissed, rocking his hips towards her.

Slipping her hand to the bed side table, she grabbed his wand and tapped it to the bedposts.

"Productum defigo," she stated.

Dark silver manacles altered from the wood and secured themselves around his pale wrists. His eyes became shady with desire while her tongue descended onto his tip, swirling the liquid around to lubricate her doings.

One hand plunged onto his member while the other kneaded his heavy balls. He was restrained from any hand movement, which was killing him slowly. He longed to run his hands through her wild hair and push her hot mouth further onto his dick. She was drawing it out, making him basically beg for it.

"More," he bellowed, the words sounding raspy against his sore throat.

She gave him a sly smirk and squatted her entrance over his hard shaft. Then she began teasing him with her dripping slit, never giving him the tightness his cock was twitching for. He was drenched in her glistening essence before she was through. His body arched into hers, needing more. The cuffs on his wrist cut into his skin ruthlessly, stretching and tearing until blood wounds were in its place. He couldn't say that he didn't like it.

"Stop teasing."

She didn't comply with his wishes, though he surly deserved it. Instead, Hermione traced a long, bulging vein that twisted under his flesh. She could feel the pulsating on her lips, making her, herself, cry out in excitement.

Her fingers continued to outline the veins, while her tongue greedily licked up her own juices combined with his. His hips thrusted up further into her tight mouth, craving release.

"Please," he begged, the word sounding alien in his mouth. He figured he could not embrace it into his vocabulary, and quickly dismissed it.

Hermione decided that he had suffered long enough and quickly encased his hard shaft between her lips. Her tongue swirled under the tip, receiving repressed grunts that made her inwardly grin. Knowing he liked it rough, she let him escape her mouth, but not before her teeth ran across his skin. His muscles tensed in his legs; he was very close. Severus thrusted back into her open, and unaware, mouth, arching his back against the bed.

"Bad boy," she whispered, continuing to softly twirling her tongue around him.

Snaking a finger in the crevice of his pale globes, she massaged his prostate that was the size of a walnut.

This was his demise.

Without any warning, besides his whole body tightening in anticipation, hot seed exploded into her mouth. Some of his sperm spilled out of her lips causing Hermione to sneak a tongue out to fetch it all in.

He was panting heavily, his eyes clothes and his body stained from confinement. Hermione was almost frightened that she broke the poor man, tiring him out too quickly. But when he opened his eyes, his breathing still shallow and needy, they caught hers.

"Where did you..." he took another deep breath as she smiled at him, "...learn that?"

Crawling slowly on top of him, she placed a firm, yet delicate kiss upon his lips. She needed him to start slow again. Desire was still embedded within his features and the brunette gave him a blush. Tenderly, she pushed back his damp, black hair from his face and turned the kiss into something deeper. Something more primal that she could describe, sharing his release on her tongue.

"It's time for breakfast, Severus," she stated, casting a quick cleaning spell upon her self.

Not minding to undo his cuffs, she walked out, yet not before he barked and growled at her-forcing his own type of doom on her.

"Bring it on," she simply stated and continued on her way.

Hermione did not have any time to squander. Harry and Ron would be worried about her, no doubt, and so would Head Boy, Blaise Zabini, who had become a very close, quite attractive, friend of hers. Sharing an intimate space, like their common room or joint bathroom, forced a friendship upon them. Not like it was difficult though, the Italian boy was rather charming, not to mention sinister-he was a Slytherin after all- and convinced the brunette into said amity and comradeship.

She tried to ignore the constant ache of dull pains radiating up from her core and the bruises that littered around her body as she strolled into the Great Hall, smiling at the worried look upon many of faces.

"Hey 'Mione!" Harry greeted, while Ron gave her a wave, his mouth so overfilled with food that he couldn't even talk.

Grabbing a roll, she quickly stuffed her mouth, needing the food to comfort the grumble in her stomach. She resented not eating dinner the night before. A blush developed on her cheeks as she remembered exactly why she did not eat supper.

"Hello boys," she said, not sitting down. Blaise was already signaling her over to his table.

"We missed you at dinner last night," Harry stated.

Ron finished chewing the rest of the food and swallowed. After taking a gulp of pumpkin juice, he spoke.

"How was detention with that greasy git??" he asked, then glanced up at her face. "Wow, 'Mione. You look really good; kind of glowy."

"Why thank you, Ron," she inwardly smirked. No need to tell them both that she spent her detention on her knees and back, and even in chains, getting wonderfully fucked. "And Professor Snape's detention was okay. I just had to clean his room," she shrugged.

Harry noticed the persistent look of Zabini who was trying to grasp her attention.

"Zabini's been asking about you, but he didn't say why."

Hermione nodded, ate a bit of bacon, and finished it off with some water.

"It's probably some official Head business or something. I'll be back," she uttered, her mind busy in trying to think of excuses of why she wasn't in her dorms last night.

With her mind still blank on what to say, she sauntered over to the back of the Slytherin table, where both Blaise and Draco dwelled. Before she could even sit down, Hermione was bombarded with questions.

"Where were you last night, Mya?" Zabini asked, worry written in his eyes, yet his voice was calm.

"I'm sorry, Blaise," she said in, what she hoped, a remorseful tone. "But I fell asleep in the library, doing homework."

Pushing his pale blonde tresses behind his ear, Draco snorted and Hermione's head jerked up. Her heart raced in her ribcage, absolutely terrified that he knew.

"I don't think so, Granger."

She raised an eyebrow, completely mimicking Snape's, and smoothed down her blouse.

"And why is that, Draco?" she questioned, her voice wavering just enough for both Slytherins to catch it.

"Because, Hermione, Blaise had me looking for you all over Hogwarts. I checked in the library twice. You weren't there," he smirked.

"So sorry that I cut into you and Blaise's shagging time, Malfoy," the brunette snapped then gave the blonde a contrite smile.

Sighing, Hermione ran her bare fingers through her silky hair and chewed her bottom lip, displaying her nervous habits. They wouldn't believe her if she even suggested such a thing as getting fuck three ways from Sunday by the cruel Potion's teacher who exudes such a sexuality that her body was still calling for his. Tying her bushy tresses into a makeshift bun, she was caught with accusatory gazes.

"You didn't!" Blaise gasped, his eyes scandalous and proud.

A smirk found its way onto Draco's lips as his eyes mirrored the same expressions his lover's held.

"Oh yes she did." He looked her up and down approvingly.

"I did what?" she eeped with wide eyes.

She recognized their intent gaze on her exposed collar bone and quickly extended her hand to the spot of their heavy aim. Severus's deep bite existed there; a throbbing pain and soreness exuded from her touch.

"Oh that," she whimpered. Just as quickly as she had her hair restrained, she undid the tie and let her curls hide his mark.

"I can't believe you got laid, Mya," the Italian hushed, licking his lips.

"Yeah, Granger. Who's the lucky guy?" Draco grinned, basking in her current discomfort and unease.

Just as she was about to fib about her last night's past time, billowing black robes stormed through the room, slowing ever so slightly past her. When Severus reached the head table, she felt his strong gaze burning through her, making her thighs rub to intensify friction.

Noticing her abnormal and aberrant silence, the Head Boy tilted forward and watched as she watched Professor Snape carefully with a hidden leer. Her posture became solid as her sly glances developed, and her eyes became foggy with unrequited lust. The raven haired boy grinned, teeth showing, and turned his attention back to the food in front of him so he wouldn't say something inappropriate.

"Oh c'mon, Mya," Draco wined, hitting high notes with Blaise's nickname of her. "Who did you shag last night?" Blaise lent over to the blondes' ear, whispering the name Severus. He gently coughed, taken aback with the information. "You slept with Snape?" his tone was muted and low.

Hermione disregarded the question and accusations that were coming her way. Instead, she watched the man who inspired such wonderful feelings of infatuation and desire that ran through her veins. His enchanting, black eyes held-captivated-hers, while he produced a round object wrapped in white butcher paper. Her interest peaked as he unwrapped the covering and a burgundy fruit was left in the wake.

The brunette assumed the produce to be a form of Wizard hybrid. She heard his teeth puncture into the succulent flesh, supplying a sensation deep down within her loins that she could not place. The fruit, from the distant glace at, looked between a pomegranate from the ripe, crimson juice that was dribbling down his chin, and a star fruit from the fleshy tissue lips that, currently, his tongue was exploring.

"That's an impetus fructus," she heard Blaise speak, though his voice sounded detached and remote. "They borderline on the periphery of the Dark Arts for the nonconsensual acts that can result from the use of the fruit. I saw them in a book once; they said they were extinct."

Her breaths were growing labored as he manipulated the fruit in his mouth. She felt every sensation that he gave to the impetus fructus . At first the awareness was faint; all she experienced was her body reacting to his motions. But then the feelings strengthened and it was as if there was an invisible mouth, inhaling her essence and teasing her relentlessly.

"What do-does it do?" she asked, breath hitching in her throat.

Breathing became to panting as her bosom yearned to escape. Both boys smirked at her cleavage that was pressing against her blouse's buttons with enough force that the first few looked like they were going to pop off. Perspiration began to bead at her brow while her back bowed from the senses Severus was affecting.

"It transfers stimulation from fruit to a desired person," he murmured, enthralled with such a look of passion written on her face.

"Oh gods," she cried out in a whisper when she felt his tongue cradle her slit, sucking upon the fruit's nectar greedily.

Her fingers clawed at the wooden table, scraping for any control, but she was rewarded with nothing but continuous curls of his manipulation. Hooded eyes still connected to Severus's, Hermione attempted to restrain herself from his doings, yet her struggling efforts were all in vain, and she came undone when he nipped on her bundles of nerves.

Stuffing a roll into her mouth, she muffled her whimpers. Her hips were gyrating and thrusting against the seat, begging-praying-for someone to save her from this fiery termination. If Professor Snape did not soon give her any release, Hermione would not be responsible for her brash actions. There were, in fact, two gorgeous men across from her that she could, no doubt, help aid her with the blaze sandwiched within her legs.

Snape continued his dawdling deeds, devouring the fruit within his grasp. Every time she would border the edge, tetter-tottering between ecstasy and agony, he would chose the former and not let her obtain precious freedom that would no doubt send her into subconsciousness from the amount of tension he buried inside of her. This time was no different; the brunette's inner muscles clenched as well did her entire body, also pleading for liberation. But he did not give it to her.

Scarlet sap flowed down his chin and over his hands, resulting in a sultry flavor that she would die to taste. The air was thick with heat and electricity, yet none other than four people noticed; five if you included the Headmaster's twinkling eyes. This was grateful for the Head Girl, though she didn't care at the time, for she was practically mating on the breakfast table, rocking her core against the stiff timber of the bench.

Delirious with passion, the urge for release was too strong. Hermione could barely contain the needy and guttural moans that were silently escaping from the back of her throat.

"Gods above, Mya," finally finding a voice to speak with, even though it was raspier than he desired. "Do you want us to help you leave?"

Nodding numbly, tears leaked out of the dry corners of her dilated eyes. She wished nothing more than to discharge the need that was consuming her every being. Wetness well enough seeped past her underwear and pooled against her flesh. It took both Zabini and Malfoy to carry her out of the unsuspecting hall, each at arms length, scared they couldn't control themselves.

They left her be, satisfied enough when they observed Snape's capes flap in his commotion. But Hermione could see nothing but blurry passion in her eyes as she quaked against a stone wall.

"Need you," she voiced, her arms reaching for him blindly.

He ripped apart the straining buttons of her blouse, receiving a treasured groan of approval, and quickly dove in her creamy flesh. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hoisted her body onto his, wrapping her ankles under his arse so she would not fall.

"Empty room," she instructed, though it was mostly breath into his chest.

Professor Snape carried her to an abandon classroom and slammed her body against the door. Her hands clutched his face in ardor, bruising the skin underneath, and kissed him brutally, trying to calm the hunger that he started and better finish. Her tongue danced with his, tasting the impetus fructus‘s tangy juice against his lips that made her bottom lip tremble from want.

Somewhere during their fight of domination, he unhooked her bra and grazed her hardened peaks with his teeth. His rough hands molested her feverish skin, letting no inch become cold.

"St-stop fucking around," Hermione pleaded, tightening her thighs against his waist, rocking her hips to meet his involuntary thrusts.

Trying to remove him from his thick robe, she found the impetus fructus hidden in a pocket. She captured the fruit and brought it closer to her face, ready to inspect it with all curiosity.

He ripped off her underwear, leaving him to her open center. Just as she bit into the fruit, he thrusted into her unexpectedly, hissing at the opposing torrent flow of juices and the inferno that surrounded him.

The own strong nectar of the fruit was drenching her nude chest, pooling in the caverns of her breasts. It was addicting, the impetus fructus; the flesh was being penetrated by her mouth with fervor. Severus dunk his head low and lapped up the juices she created with excitement.

Immersed to the cervix, Snape could not move, for if he did then he would relieve himself right there. She was too bloody tight, her muscles clenched on his member heavenly in a death grip, leaving him week in the knees. He used his thin body weight to his advantage, and kept Hermione suspended with his force.

Once he knew he wouldn't release anything rash, Severus thrusted out of her core and back in with extreme vehemence. With each plunge, he angled it in just a way that he hit her g-spot, causing her moans to be even more hoarse.

"Yes, yes, harder," she called, feeling her muscles tighten against him. He couldn't stop now; she was seconds away from satisfaction.

After he seizured her lips for on last kiss, he reached a hand down to her clit. It was all it took to have the world crash around her. She constricted around him, leaving him to his own release.

"Severus," she screamed, the word breaking upon her vocal cords, as she trashed violently against the stone wall.

He ejaculated within her, arching his head back in rapture. She still held his lips with hers, but from the severity of orgasm, she split into his bottom lip, blood flowing freely into her mouth.

"Oh gods," she hushed, tears streaming from her eyes. Her final release had been so demanding, so forceful, and so harsh, that her distraught nerves couldn't take it anymore.

Snape was reduced to thick breaths as he let his forehead bang against the cold stone. Her sobs awoke his rest, forcing him to return back to her damp face.

The trembling pads of his thumbs pushed away the tear tracks that graced her beautifully flushed face.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked, running his tongue over the cut she gave him.

"Not in a bad way," she grinned and supported her head against his pale chest. "Felt so good." She traced her finger over his bottom lip. "I'm sorry I hurt you though. I didn't mean to."

He shrugged and released himself from her embrace.

"That was your punishment," he smirked, quickly masking up any fringing emotions, and returning to his austere self.

"I think it would be defeating the purpose if I said I liked it," Hermione leered, snatching his hurt lip between hers and sucking on it gently.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for enjoying the consequences too much."

He raised his wand and quickly cleaned them both off with a charm. Repairing her underwear, her blouse, and his lip, she ran her fingers through his soft hair, detangling it from any knots.

"I hope you give me a chance to make up those ten points tonight," she shyly smiled and walked out of the room, to the wonderful morning ahead of her.

A small grin tugged on Severus's lips as he watched her hips sway with soreness out of the door. Spotting the impetus fructus bruised on the floor, he picked it up and ran his aching lips against the juicy flesh, testing the fruit out again. He was awarded with a throaty, strangled cry from the hallway.

"Yes, Miss Granger. That chance will be given."
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